Adam recently told me that my list of product management resources helped him land his first product job. His next question was simply, “any advice for my first week?” So for Adam, and for anyone starting a new product role, here’s your first week:

Anna’s* leg was amputated when she was 8 years old. Her earliest memories are of nurses, cold white halls, and fear. Anna and her family spent several years fighting an uphill battle, uncertain if they could win.

At 7 years old, Anna was brought into a room with a doctor…

A roadmap is a tactical plan for executing your business strategy. The roadmap should clearly communicate how you will build products that deliver predictable business impact.

Note that I’m saying “how you will,” not “how you can.” There are infinite things you can build. But a good roadmap, and a…

A list of educational resource curated over the last 10 years of my career in product. I’ve put authors and resources worth following in parentheses where applicable.

Product best practices

Use or delete sections as needed! You can find the Google Doc version of this template here. There’s also a “lite” version here.

Problem statement

Here’s a one or two sentence overview of the project or feature. The level of detail should allow users to visualize what the following sections are about…

Divergent thinking is the art of generating abundant ideas, unbound by false constraints.

Convergent thinking is the skill of distilling many ideas into a focused few.

Diverging to create choices and converging to make choices is the basis of Design Thinking.

To invent solutions where there are none, and then…

Co-authored with my husband, Ben Horowitz. No, not that Ben Horowitz.

Before you start building any new solutions, it’s important to understand the difference between innovation and invention.

This is an important distinction because invention is more expensive than innovation. I use the word expensive, not about money but about…

My uncle Ronnie, whom I think I met only once when I was 3 years old, taught my father how to drive according to his 4 rules of driving. My father, in turn, taught me and I’ve never forgotten them. In no particular order, they are:

Product Managers sell futures in never-before-seen, intangible things. To earn buy-in, you need to help people visualize what this is and get excited about it. …

Our mission is to normalize consensual non-monogamy and sexual exploration by creating a safe, supportive, and inclusive community for the young and young-at-heart to explore sex and alternative relationship structures, and by sharing our values with the world.

Our consent culture outlines the minimum requirements for participation in our community…

Kate Horowitz

Silicon valley product manager. Founder, Published thought leader and public speaker on consent and alternative relationships.

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